Why is this Blog Named Zental Floss?

My tagline is – “Flossing minds and hearts for over 50 years!”

I have long been a student of mindfulness probably because I suffer from a fair amount of adult ADD.  When you feel scattered a good deal of the time, some of the best things to do are to learn to meditate, do yoga, and practice mindfulness whenever possible.

So one night, as an experiment, I tried mindfully flossing my teeth – the dental floss slowly going between each tooth.  It took forever.

Was it a profound experience? Nope, not really.

Did you think it would be?

But it did give me an idea for a blog title and since “Mental Floss” was taken (it’s the name of a magazine), I figured I could do a play on words, bringing in my time meditating at the local zendo as well as the everydayness of flossing teeth.

(And if you want a more flowery story of my zental flossing, check out the first blog post from March 30, 2008 – okay, maybe it was a bit more profound than I remember six years after the fact.)



4 thoughts on “Why is this Blog Named Zental Floss?

  1. I certainly understand being scattered! My husband is very organized and I am the exact opposite.
    I have heard that blogs are supposed to have a theme. I don’t have one…I wander from here to there without explanation. That’s just the way I am, and I have to love me anyway. 🙂

  2. Hi Mary – well, you don’t HAVE to love you, but I’m glad you do. At this point in my life, I love me, too. I didn’t always, but thankfully, as I’ve matured, I’ve accepted my quirks and failings. Thanks for reading! Cheers, Laura

  3. It’s an interesting image, flossing one’s mind… though it seems to me that it can only work for teeth because we have around 30 of them. Maybe brushing one’s hair would be a more realistic analogy… in that we have more hair than we can count. But in reality, I believe that the finest example of a focused mind is a healthy intuition. When out intuition is working, we are no longer aware of the individual teeth (or hair). We can concentrate on the sensual pleasure of eating. All the same, I congratulate you on the incorporation of zendo in your name, and am pleased to have met you.

  4. Hello Shimon – Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I suspect that some balance between following intuition and remaining mindful is important to me. I have “followed” my intuition down various rabbit holes (hey, internet!), which just makes my adult ADD go into overdrive. But I have also followed my intuition in the way I suspect you mean it – hearing the “small quiet voice” that acts as both red light warning and green light “yes”. Achieving this balance between remaining mindful and yet being open to the intuitional is a challenge. Glad to have met you, too!

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