Better Living Through Chemistry

Where are the pills when you want them??

Where are the pills when you want them??

I had some nasty dental scaling yesterday.  It’s close to gum surgery without quite that much pain and no stitches, but even so, it hurts like a motha’.

Today, my mouth is much better, but it’s good to remember, if only usually abstractly, that pain, pounding and unrelenting, is very distracting.

I found myself trying to just sleep and was successful in taking several longish naps.  Of course, I’d eventually wake up to the throbbing.

I took Alleve in fairly generous dosages – it’s basically an anti-inflammatory but at least it would help with any swelling in the gums.  Honestly, the only good thing about gum surgery (besides keeping your teeth – that’s good, too!)  is that I get a small prescription of vicodin that works well for me.  Not that I was wishing to have the pain be at that scale, thankyouverymuch.  No, this was distracting and it hurt, but I woke up today and my mouth felt almost normal.

A long way to say – I’m behind in my Writing101 projects.  By a couple of days.  Hopefully over the course of the next few, I’ll catch up.

So as one of my favorite knitting icons Elizabeth Zimmerman used to say – ONWARD!



Can I Have a Hall Pass?

We’re going to be at Dockweiler Beach for a few days and I’m not sure if there will be any wi-fi service available.  So, I suspect any post for Friday will not be happening.  Not that I won’t be writing that day – I just won’t be writing for this venue.

Happy Friday everyone and catch you when we’re back home.