What’s It All About? And Who is Zental Floss?

Updated 7/14/14:

Feel free to find out why this blog is named Zental Floss on this page.  This is more an introduction to me.

Six years ago I started a blog over at blogger.  I was so young then.

No, not that young –  I was 50 then, I’m 56 now.

Recently, my husband and I started a blog here on wordpress for our travels.  And I finally decided to reconsider this personal blog and move it over, too.

And because a lot of changes have occurred in my life as well as the life of this poor blog, I’m starting over a bit.

Private blogs have always intrigued me and yet I’ve struggled in producing my own.

What stopped me from posting and just working it through on the blog was my complicated relationship between my private and public selves. As an essentially private person, I don’t crave the limelight. I try to write daily in a journal, utilizing Julia Cameron’s “Morning Pages” format (3 handwritten pages).

However, I’m not just a private self with her little journal, fading into retirement. The more public self exists too – and this is where I hope my writing has meaning for not just me. I don’t need a lot of approval, but it is nice to know that something you wrote has touched another human being.

Not all of my writing will be deep and meaningful, I’m sure of that. Not all will be silly and humorous, either. I hope to strike a balance that lets you in a bit and gives you something to chew on, whether it’s in the emotional or mental realms.

Here are the players in my life (and blog):

Laura – I’m the 56-year-old woman in her second marriage.  Although everything is signed off as “Zental Floss”, I use my first name, too.  I had a long career as a paralegal, then became a psychotherapist, and am recently retired.

The ‘Publican – my husband.  He’s a few years older at 59 (60 later this year); recently retired from a long career in aerospace.

The Spawn – between my husband and myself, we’re parents to five young adult men.  Three are now in their 30’s with two still in their mid-20’s.  One of them is mine and the other four are his.  I refer to them collectively as The Spawn but I also use “Step Son #1,” etc. when referring to them specifically.  One of our sons (Step Son #2) is now married and he and his wife have a toddler granddaughter who I call “Nugget” (because this is what her mom calls her.)

The ‘Rents – We are also blessed to have all four of our parents still living.  Except for my mother, who is almost 80 (in August 2014), the rest are in their mid to later 80’s.  I also have an elderly aunt (my mom’s sister) who I call “Aunt B” who recently turned 88.

We also have animals who don’t give a fig about their privacy, just about being fed.  We have two boy cats – Stanley and Milhouse, and a girl dog named Izzy.

Lastly, we live in Southern California in a beach community (yes, we’re blessed.)


16 thoughts on “What’s It All About? And Who is Zental Floss?

  1. I certainly will be returning to read more. Thank you so much for the visit, and for deciding to follow. I’m glad to reciprocate! Although I’m almost at the age of most of your ” ‘Rents,” we have a considerable number of points of contiguity, although (of course) differences, as well. Most to the point, however, you’re a super writer, and that counts for a very great deal with me!

  2. Wow – thanks so much, Nina. I love your blog, too. And as to writing – yeah, you’re great. Just as an aside, in my former life, I worked as a paralegal at several major law firms (nationally known) before returning to grad school and becoming a therapist. I think working in law helped hone some writing skills!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and following my travel and photo blog. From the enjoyable read of your about page, I am sure I will enjoy reading more of your posts as well.

  4. Thank you, too. Well, I have my Aunt who will be 88 on June 14, so we have a few lovely elders around (my husband has an aunt and uncle in their 90’s, too). Seems 87 is the new . . . 47? 57? I don’t know, but it 87 sure isn’t what it used to be which was, in the past, usually dead. Live long and prosper, as they say on Star Trek! And I hope you enjoy the blog. Laura

  5. Thanks for the follow Laura. Love your “About”, it says you’re having a fun life! Will look forward to exploring your blog.

  6. Thanks for the follow on the church site. I don’t blog there as much as I do at janetsunderland.com but I do keep them both going. Nice to meet you! SO-CAL. Ah, let me retire, if and when we ever get to, there.

  7. Lovely to meet you, virtually. Look forward to reading your posts. Thank you for finding and following my blog among so many. I really appreciate it. 🙂

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