And Now That I’m Back . . .

It’s July.  In fact, I’m writing this on July 7th.  2014.  Just so we’re all on board with the date and everything.

I’m in the middle of trying to make some changes to myself and in my life.  For this, I set up a separate blog to keep regular track of my goals and my progress toward them.  This is, I guess, an experiment in quantified self.

You might not be familiar with that term, “quantified self” but my understanding is that there are these geeky types out there who think it’s a kick to keep track of all sorts of things about themselves.  The antecedents to this are, I guess, personal journals that entail what you ate for dinner and how many miles you ran at the track, your blood pressure and even how you are faring getting rid of a bad habit like smoking or drinking.  Nowadays apps on our phones keep track of all of these things very easily.  And from this, the QS movement has begun.

So my secondary blog is now an experiment in this.  I’ve set some big goals for myself in the areas of physical, mental and spiritual health, with some goals relating to my home and outside my home in the social sphere.  Some of these goals seem easy (read 100 books in a year) and others very hard (go from one BMI category to at least the next one over, if not two over).

But I’m game for it.  I’ve had a week, almost (I’m on day 7 of the first week), and it hasn’t been easy.  I think I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded, in fact.  But I’m aware of these things more than I was and that’s a start.

To take just one thing – having these goals in my head has gotten me out and walking the dog more with my husband (he was doing the lion’s share of it . . . me the pitiful lamb’s share).  For me, it’s movement and that’s one of my goals (30 minutes a day every day at least.)  For my husband – a chore to take care of daily.  And for the dog, it’s time to play and poop and pee – she likes play best, but we  insist on the other, of course.  And she’s a good doggie so she complies.

So that’s something I’ve gotten involved with.  If you’re interested you can head over to: and take a look.  I’m not trying for mystery, but am using my middle name, Suzanne, for this blog.  Just to be able to keep some sort of anonymity, if that’s even possible on the internet today.

I also want to encourage you to head over to my husband’s newish blog of short stories,  He’s having fun with this blog and is running a series called “Bugout.”  Don’t know what means?  Well, go on and check it out.  He’s up to Part Seven now.

Lastly, we both have a travel blog, although he’s been more active than I on it.  And that blog is at  I guess I should scrounge up a post or two so I can keep saying “we” have this blog!



3 thoughts on “And Now That I’m Back . . .

  1. Oh, my. Three blogs to keep up with? And I thought two (mine and the church) was overwhelm. Perhaps you could just post your travels on this blog and then copy to another. I’m all for the two stones…wait wait wait. What was that saying? Oh, two stones are better than one? Well I don’t know. Chalk that up to one more thing I don’t know.

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