We Now Return You to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Writing 101 is done for now.


And . . . what the heck am I going to write about now?

I finally straggled and “turned in” my final day 20 assignment a few minutes ago.  I got behind on a few other assignments, too.  But I got caught up and I did them.

And that’s a big deal for a person who doesn’t hit the publish button as often as she should.

Last month, I wrote that my goal with this blog was to “ship” to use a Seth Godin phrase (I doubt he made it up, but I could be wrong about this.)  For a preparation procrastinator, the shipping goal is the only true goal to have.  I have to not only write, I have to be willing to put my writing out into the universe (whether the big universe or the small one – doesn’t matter.)

I have to ship.  And ship again.  And then . . . once more.

So now what?  It’s now July.

Back to my writing on this blog.  I may take it up a notch and try and write more often, although not as many longform posts.  Or I may just stick to the three day a week format and see where it goes.  Or a bit of both.

I don’t have a lot of content goals for this blog.  I’m not trying for huge numbers of hits, or readers, or anything like that.  All those are nice, I guess, but along with “monetization” and “seo” are not what I’m about anymore.   I don’t need to sell you anything, my friends.  I don’t need for you to agree with me.  Or disagree with me (just to keep it spicy).  What I hope is that you’ll find some contemplation along with a little bit of snark, and that the reading of this blog will, for the most part, be an enjoyable experience.

I’m in an incredibly free and open place at this time in my life – and with this blog.

I like where this is heading – even if I have no bloody idea where, precisely, that is.


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