Writing101 – Day Seventeen Prompt

The Challenge:

What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears. If you’re up for a twist, write this post in a style that’s different from your own

Sure this will be obvious to all.  Style?  Minimalist – first person.

***                                                               ***                                                           ***

Monday, April 2

I left my keys.  Just left them.  Mike asked me where I’d been last and what I heard was “Janet! where you been fuck??”


Blame him?  Not me.

Lilly, bless her, bounds upstairs – keys in mouth.

Where?  No idea.


Saturday, June 3

Another day – Mike hands me checkbook.  Why?  What I hear:  “Janet, checkbook freezer . . . fuck?”

Wanted it, I guess.

Why he thinks me?

Puzzle.  Who puts checkbook in freezer?


Tuesday, June 14

Doctor today.  Tests.

Count backwards.  Easy.  ten, nine, eight . . . NO.  Wrong.  From 100 by threes.  Threes?  100, 90, 85 . . . confused.

Who President?  Who cares.

Try again.  President?  Black man.  Funny name.  Bar something.

Today date?  This I know.  June 14 – Flag Day!  I know this.


Sit there – new pills to try.  So tired.  Don’t care anymore.



Monday, September 8

So tired.  Hear Lilly bark and go.  Keep hearing her.

Now – Lost.

Look down.

Feet bare.

Dark out.

Where dog?

Where I?


Wednesday, December 16

Mama.  Want Mama.  Dog comes over and sighs, gets on me.  Mama?

Feel tears and snot.  Mama, mama, mama. 

Man comes over – says “Janet?  What?  Why crying?”

No idea.  Who he?

Who Janet?




4 thoughts on “Writing101 – Day Seventeen Prompt

  1. Thanks. Hard to do in first person – you know eventually she’d not be able to write anything . . . !

  2. Thanks, Muzzy. It is my worst fear – not death of course, a “living death” in a way. I hope I conveyed it as well as I could.

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