Writing101 – Day Three Prompt

It’s been a tough day – we got a call that our new motorhome was broken into last night.  So today became traveling to the motorhome because it’s stored in the hinterlands, multiple phone calls to insurance and our local dealer to get the ball rolling, putting in a report with the County Sheriff’s Department and then figuring out a temporary fix so it doesn’t happen again!  All in all, not fun. 

The good news, though, is that it is mostly a broken window and torn screen – nothing missing that we can detect.  They probably tried to steal the TV and couldn’t do it easily.  They opened drawers, bays and so on looking for . . . who knows what?  Since nothing was missing, it’s unclear what the goal was.  And it wasn’t just us – 19 motorhomes in total, most stored in one row,  were burglarized similarly.

So we’ve only been home for a short while and this was the prompt for today:

Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

My first pick is Pentatonix’ “Little Drummer Boy.”  Yes, I know it’s “Christmas” music and I don’t care.  I love Christmas music.  Love, love, love it.  For a long time, as a very lapsed Christian (still pretty lapsed in fact), the only thing I found even remotely festive about the season was the music.  I have a ton of CD’s full of various versions of Carol of the Bells, Silent Night, and this one, Little Drummer Boy.  I am also a big fan of a capella music and this group, Pentatonix, is one of the masters of the genre.  I just became acquainted with them this last Xmas season, and was suitably impressed with their musical artistry.

I think the reason why I love this cut so much is the freshness they bring to a classic, and the use of the human voice.  I am a shower singer at best (although my husband thinks otherwise), and the ability to sing this way continues to amaze me.

I also feel strongly about the tradition and the universality of Christmas music.  Whether you are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist – I just think this music can lift you to another realm.  Listen and see if I’m not right.


My second pick is The New Radicals’ “You Get What You Give.”  First, it’s such a bouncy, fun song.  I think it was first released in 1999, and then this video was produced in 2009.  So it’s been around for awhile; I was first acquainted with it via a Joni Mitchell pick on an artist’s favorite CD.  Hey, if it’s good enough for Joni, eh?

Even though it’s a fun and bouncy song, I have always loved the sentiment – that it’s about the giving, first.  We reap what we sow – we get what we give.  In general, this has held true in my life.  I’ve needed to be taught to be unselfish, and life has been at times a harsh teacher.  I have always found my greatest joy and fulfillment when I’ve gotten outside of myself and this reminds me to do just that.


This last pick is Frou Frou’s “Let Go.”  It was featured in the movie “Garden State,” but I heard it first on a local NPR station and thought, I have got to get my hands on this CD.  Although I loved every cut on the CD, this one knocked me out.  I found this video tonight and it is so incredible that it’s been paired with the movie, “Wings of Desire” by Wim Wenders.  Strangely, I’ve seen Wings of Desire, but not Garden State.  And if you watch WofD, this song is not in it, but still . . . I think this is a perfect accompaniment to the movie of angels, life and of course, death.

The song is another one that reminds me of how often I have to just  . . . Let . . . Go.  Breathe out.  Surrender.  I am full of ego or as they say in 12-step programs, “self will run riot” and this causes me nothing but pain.  Sadly, though, I often am not able to do this until I am slammed against the wall with nowhere to go.  This song reminds me that “there’s beauty in the breakdown,” and when I can remember that, I can just let go.


Now, in full disclosure, these aren’t necessarily my three most important songs.  Maybe it’s a function of age, but I have had many that were important at different times (which goes for books and movies, too.)   But these three helped me tonight to get out of my funk, to sing and to dance, and to just let go.

The last part of this exercise today is to make a commitment to writing which I have done – three times a week.  Right now, it’s daily, and I’ll have to incorporate my normal blogging schedule back into this, too.  Since I also handwrite morning pages, that works out to about an hour a day of writing right now.  I hope I can keep the momentum up! 


4 thoughts on “Writing101 – Day Three Prompt

  1. I am surprised at how much I enjoyed the Pentatonix tune… thanks for sharing that. I, too, am a huge fan of Christmas music, although I never cared for “The Little Drummer Boy.” This version could change that. The Frou Frou song is not my style at all. But I loved “You Get What You Give!” I have heard other versions of this song before and haven’t thought of it in years. You will laugh when I tell you what the video reminded me of: One of those exercises we used to do in my first year of law school in which you are called upon to “identify all the torts.” This video contained sufficient mayhem to fill at least three blue books. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed this post, thanks! Bad news about the break-in. Funny, the fact that yours was one in a series made it feel less personal… a hassle nonetheless. Hope it is all resolved quickly and without fuss.
    When I was preparing to launch into this writing exercise, I had every intention of writing about Silent Night. I think it was one of the first Christmas songs that I learned as a child and one that reduces me to embarrassing tears every time I hear it as an adult. Weird, but their you go. Ditto Little Drummer Boy. I came across Pentatonix a year or two ago and have bookmarked their tunes. Phenomenal group.

  3. Thanks so much! Yes, I’ve been known to bounce – (just like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh).

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