Writing101 – Day One Prompt

I’ve decided to join the other bloggers in the June 2014 WordPress Writing 101 group.  I’m not sure I’d call it a class or seminar or workshop (ha!  Hearkens back to my previous post.) 

In this case, though, I’m making an exception because the point of it is to develop a daily writing habit.  And to use the language of my last post, to “ship” that writing, or publish it.

The first day’s prompt is basically a free writing exercise – set the timer and go.  So without further ado, here is my day number one:

I don’t know what to write.  The first day is set it and go.  What does that mean, anyway – and why are the contents of my brain that interesting?  I don’t think this is very interesting writing in general, right?  I mean, so who cares if I ate an english muffin or a chobani yogurt?  Which I did, by the way.  And we’re off to the gym in about half hour.  And I didn’t gt any sleep two night ago – like none at all.  fuck.

Okay – so I’ll just keep going and see where it takes me.  Some of this is what I write in my morning pages – which I’ve already done.  So I’ll get a decent wordcount today – I guess that’s the big whoop-do-do.

I keep writing – so who cares.  Do I?  I don’t know.  This is the type of exrcise that I think is lame usually, but it’s okay, too.  It does get something moving.  But in my case, maybe I shouldn’t have already written those morning pages by hand this morning?  And after that, I  slept for another 30-45 minutes.  I couldn’t believe going back to sleep on the couch there.

That’s such a good couch for a snooze, though.  It’s perfect.  I actually really love that couch, in fact.  Maybe because I picked it out and had it made, didn’t just buy it off the floor.  It was going to be for the practice and did see some clients there, but after I made the decision to pack it in, then it became just my couch.

So am I going to write about why I didn’t sleep two nights ago?  Do I have to?  I guess not.  But looking up names on google.  Don’t we all do that?  I guess then it matters what you find.  I found out a couple of very surprising things.  It amazes me what is online just out there.  My name is pretty common so I get lumped in with a lot of other folks, but for some people, they have a more unique footprint.  But for D to have gotten married and just become a dad at 54?  Good grief, I didn’t expect that.  Why not?  I don’t know he had always seemed too self centered, but maybe that’s not even true.  Maybe, as I wrote earlier, he just needed to mature to it.  It just took awhile.  I don’t think I’d like to be having a baby at my age or even in the last 10 years – if I were in my mid-50’s which I am and had even as young as a 10-year-old?  Oooooh.  That would mean I’d be in my 60’s dealing with a teenager.

Not fun.

Well, who knows – the pictures indicated his wife is considerably younger than him, so I guess they’ve discussed what could happen if he were to pass away – die – before this kid even reaches adulthood.  Helps to have at least one parent who will probably make it.

But really isn’t it the way?  He can have kids in his 50’s, no big deal, but a woman – well, why would we want it?  Life isn’t fair as far as biology goes.  Then again, would I really want to be having a period every month still.  No thanks.  I prefer just having a body that doesn’t bleed every month.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it – I did it for three decades.  Or more I guess.  That’s a lot of periods.  I thought I’d miss them – I didn’t not one bit.  But then again, I had some bad periods – I even fainted a couple of times.  I had a lot of pain when I was in my teen and young adult years and then later, I had a lot of PMS and wildly fluctuating moods and it was awful.  Estrogen is a killer for some.  It didn’t kill me physically, but it was awful to my sense of myself.  I felt at its mercy every single month.

Glad that’s over.  B. just walked in going to take the Izzomatic – the dog – out for a walk.  He’s a good dad to the dog.  And the cats.  Better she go out before we head to the gym.  So hard afterwards.  We’re tired and it’s hotter and we don’t yet have an ocean breeze to cool us off.

Well, see, I can’t complain about the weather right now.  We’re in the perfect 70’s time.  The weather is so gorgeous right now that I hate to write about it – I hate to encourage more to come here.

California has lost its bloom, so I guess I dont’ have to worry about too many going here these days.  The state government is a mess – we have an election tomorrow which is a mess – zillions of candidates in our district – mostly democrats, but no real choice.  Henry Waxman is finally, finally retiring – what a joke.  I mean, he’s proof that ugly people have a place in our society, that’s for sure.  I think anybody we elect – anybody – will be better looking than poor old Henry.  Oh well – who cares abotu his looks?  We inherited him after redistricting and none of us in our area are all that thrilled about Mr. Progressive.  Oh some are, I guess.  We aren’t  Not that being a democrat is the issue – it’s all that nanny state crap legislation that he’s continually trying to shove down our throats.

So who cares, right?  I do.  And I have a feeling that the two choices who will be in the runoff will be definite liberal progressives.  Which means, for me, no choice.  Well, the choice is lesser of two evils type of choice.  Who will do the least in washington, eh?

I really would love to go to a part-time legislature which won’t hapen in my lifetime.  My theory – the less time they’re there – the less they can do to fuck it all up.  Gee.  Angry, much?  Not really – I just want a smaller less intrusive government – or let’s say – let them govern in the areas they are supposed to – and leave the rest to the state and local government.

Glad I’m not a parent again.  I dont’ know how common core is going to work out for kids.  I dont’ like the idea, though of more government intrusion in recordkeeping of our kids, starting in kindergarten.  That’s scary as shit, frankly.  And I read all paranoid – will I have the courage to hit publish on this.  Maybe not.  Maybe so.  We’ll see.  It’ sjust free, off the brain stuff.

I would love to think that the feds and even state have our best interests at heart and some legislators do, I know that.  And I would like to think that given power, they aren’t trying to just grab more, but the NSA is our Stasi – our secret police, we just dont yet know that.  I’m not giong off the grid – hardly – but I just want the ability to be left alone to some extent.

I never was a big privacy hog.  D. was.  And yet, he’s the progressive and I’m not.  Now I’m more interested in my privacy.  Now I’m the one who thinks about what is going out there and tries to at least scrub some of the data.  Can’t do it all.  I know that.




Yeah.  I made a few corrections of errors, not too many though.  So this is pretty unedited, mistakes and all, stuff.

I sound like a paranoid old biddy, but I guess the flow of the mind can lead one to some weird places.  Which is why I never do this type of thing for publication.  It’s plainly not appropriate if others will be reading it.  I do this in notebooks, in longhand, and even there, I don’t rant a lot.  But I can see where the typing, versus the holding a pen and handwriting, may contribute more to ranting than writing.

Oh well.  Probably nobody will read it, which might be just as well.


6 thoughts on “Writing101 – Day One Prompt

  1. I read it and I thank you for allowing me to access to your process.
    It sounds as if we are kindred in the period department, among several other things. I had similar monthly experiences right up until “they” (fibroids) tried to kill me with blood loss.

    LOL. Interesting the last paragraph on privacy and look at us discussing monthlies. What a world.

  2. Oy vey! Yes – privacy and periods. Not good bedfellows. I was lucky, I guess, no issues like you had. And I basically had a fairly easy (!!) menopause. Although maybe I should amend it by saying – easy in that it was natural and not something I had induced through a hysterectomy or something. It wasn’t fun one bit – the worst was the fogginess, but those lovely hot flashes weren’t much of a treat, either.

    Okay – back to privacy!!! (smile) Have a great day, Maggie. Laura

  3. I read it. I am from Ca and so miss it but do not want to deal with all the mess. So I am in almost as bad Kansas. I had a problem with the estrogen since a teen so I do know how you feel. Thanks for letting up in your personal space.

  4. Great job pushing through the process and being so brave to share your thoughts. I enjoyed reading this.

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