It’s a Shatnerpalooza, followed by a Nimoy-a-thon


I was a kid when Star Trek was on air and sometime in my mis-spent youth, one of my cousins got as a present, an LP of the musical stylings of Leonard Nimoy, or as we knew him, Dr. Spock.

I mean think of it -Leonard Nimoy reading the Desiderata. I think there was also a Nimoy rendition of “If I had a hammer” It was pretty awful. But awful in that “can’t tear yourself away from the record player (tv, dvd) sortof way” that only celebrities who think they are artistes can engender.

Enter our buddy William Shatner (or for some of us “Denny Crain”) – he, too, had delusions of . . . well, can we really call it grandeur? How about he just had delusions. And in his deluded state, somehow these records got produced and we are all the richer for them.
Let’s start with William Shatner “singing” Rocket Man from 1978:
Hey, I’m not the only one who digs this – check out the Family Guy’s Stewie dressed up in tux and cig, loving him some Shatner:

Dr. Spock wasn’t above a little extra self-promotion during this time, either – this is pre-Lord of the Rings, but is familiar to just about everybody now:

Uh huh.  Those are little hobbits running around and Nimoy in a dickey.  I’m telling you!

There’s a trove of treasure on youtube; in looking for the audio, I found this rather trippy scene from the original show with both Kirk and Spock in together (along with a dwarf – gotta have a dwarf) – just remember, “neighing in Esperanto” . . .

Now wasn’t that worth it – ?

Lastly, though, and on a slightly more serious note, here is a more recent reading by Nimoy of The Desiderata.  He mentions recording this, but I couldn’t find any videos of that.  For the most part, when these guys were doing their recordings, there were no videos made.

I get the impression that both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy have nothing but fondness for the places they went and things they did to promote their show and themselves back in the sixties and seventies.  Here’s a picture of them in recent times, still Capt. Kirk and Dr. Spock.



3 thoughts on “It’s a Shatnerpalooza, followed by a Nimoy-a-thon

  1. Sorry, but I never cared for Star Trek — not then, not now. Watching the “neighing in Esperanto” clip reminded me of why. With my apologize to the dedicated Trekkies/Trekkers out there, it’s nothing but a lot of contrived bullshit.

  2. I wonder if it’s the times it was made in. A lot of the plots were pretty contrived, frankly. I never thought it was a great show, either. A couple of the movies were fun. I guess I had fun thinking about the stupidity of either of these men cutting albums!! And of me being a kid and listening to the Nimoy one – my cousin, being the geeky girl she was, was pretty stoked by it. I thought it was crap then, too.

  3. Star Trek – The Original, was wonderfully experimental, written by real science fiction writers, and opened many eyes to what science fiction was about. Many of the “space scientists”, astronauts and NASA management of the past 30 years were sparked by those early fictional explorations, long before the real moon landings. And this with a pathetic budget and limited studio time provided by an increasingly uncomprehending TV establishment! Shatner and Nimoy (or if you prefer it, Nimoy and Shatner) and the entire crew did a wonderful job given the constraints. And yes, they had foibles – but cardboard cutout actors don’t make exciting viewing! Thank you guys and Nichelle (Uhura).

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