The Best Laid Plans of Mice & (Wo)Men

Ugh.  That’s all I can say.

I had technical difficulties and the post for yesterday didn’t make it.  I’m no Luddite but transferring photos from the iPhone to the computer over to this blog sounded easier than it was.  I’ll probably do the post tomorrow and get back on schedule.

And for some reason keeping to a schedule, however minimal, is important to me.  If you’ve visited and seen the archives you’ll notice a big gap in dates and there’s a reason for that.  I didn’t do anything on this blog for years.  I can’t tell you just what I was doing, but it wasn’t writing.

In re-establishing the writing practice of Morning Pages (handwritten three pages a day) for the past year or so, I realized how much I missed not necessarily the process of writing (although I did miss that, too), but I really missed having a way to capture and then reflect upon this life that I’m living.

In the time I wasn’t blogging and wasn’t even doing MP, I literally have to look at my calendar to tell you what might have been happening in my life, but it doesn’t tell me what I thought or felt about the events.  That’s what writing is for.  Apparently, I need it.

Having been in therapy for a number of years and then a therapist myself, I am cognizant of my need to reflect and act, rather than remain reactive.  Recently, my mother asked me if I was considering going back to therapy with the recent retirement of both my husband and myself and I said, “You know, right now, I think the writing is working just fine.”  I meant that and I’m hardly one opposed to therapy!  But I get so much from the process of both capturing and then reflecting on myself that for right now – writing is my therapy.


3 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans of Mice & (Wo)Men

  1. Morning Pages; I gave that a go, once upon a time. Lasted about a week, I enjoyed it, but, not the right time in my life for that. I think I still have the pages…could be insightful! Do I dare?

  2. I found a bunch of old journals even before I did MP and I’ve put some of them in my blog, too. I personally have found extemporaneous writing is very helpful, but not necessarily at the time I write the entry. That’s why it’s been helpful to pull out a few of them and write some reflections. It’s always interesting to look at where we’ve been and where we are now (or where we aren’t . . . ). So I say – DARE! And have fun with it, if possible.

    Best of luck . . .

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