Unconscious Mutterings – Week 527

An old familiar – Unconscious Mutterings.   When I was writing on this blog semi-regularly, I would occasionally post these from LunaNina’s blog.  She actually has kept this up for 527 weeks – which is over ten years, kids.  Really – wow.  I am blown away by her ability to find ten random words a week for ten years.  But anyway – although I didn’t have anything amazingly deep in response to these words, I give you:

  1.  Schedule ::  timeclock, boundaries
  2. Guest ::  welcome
  3. Stall ::   work, put the brakes on
  4. Cold ::   sweater weather!
  5. Editorial ::   stupidity in the Times
  6. Striped ::   yarn and knitting, especially socks
  7. Curtains ::  hanging them up
  8. Cramping ::  years of menstrual cramps, ugh
  9. March ::  forward
  10. Folder ::  files and organization, on the computer

Yes, you can see that even though it is creeping towards spring, I am still thinking about yarn, knitting and sweaters.  Not a surprise as I’m making progress on the Afghan of Death – steady progress.

I am also glad that I’m post-menopausal, so my years of severe cramps can now just be in memory and not something to anticipate on a monthly basis.  Thank the goddess for that one.

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