Back in the Day . . .

I have been wondering if I would ever re-visit this blog. For a few years, I was sure I would never and yet, here I am.

Obviously, life happens to us all. And we happen to life, too.

I’m now 55, not 51. My husband, the ‘Publican, is 58. We’re now grandparents to a sweet baby girl. We have attended our first wedding of the five sons. Luckily, or unsurprisingly (is that a word?), it was my husband’s second son who got married and he’s the father of the baby girl. She has a boy’s name (my one snarky remark on her mother’s insistence on this name), but they are probably just trendsetters in turning this particular name from boy to girl.

The baby was born in 2012 right about this time, so we’re hurtling to her first birthday. Ten days after she was born, the ‘Publican’s ex-wife died suddenly. She was home on a Sunday afternoon, doing her laundry. When she didn’t arrive for work the following day, her office called her oldest son. He didn’t have a key and called his younger brother and the two of them drove down to her townhouse and found her sitting in a chair, quite dead. But, as they later said, very peaceful looking. Her cell phone was nearby. When a women who is only 56 years old dies this way, an autopsy is done which takes a while. Well, it doesn’t take long to do the autopsy, but it takes weeks to get the final results due to lab tests and so on.

The final word was that she died of a massive heart attack. One that hit her so hard, all she could do was sit down and die. She wasn’t able to call 911 or anyone else for help. So only ten days after her first grandchild was born, she was dead.

Obviously it’s been hard on her sons. Her granddaughter will never know her “nana” but mom and dad are making sure she is not forgotten – my daughter-in-law had small tokens of her throughout her wedding which was very touching.

Thankfully, any issues between the ‘Publican and his ex were over – we were all there when the baby was born and hugs went all around.

I have more to write about this, but for now . . . I am glad to revisit this blog. I’m glad it’s still here. I’ve missed the contact with other human beings through the blogosphere, although I continue to read others’ blogs. Frankly, I’m amazed by the writing I read – there is so much talent and heart out there.

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