Therapists We Love To Hate – Part 1

Remember the Bob Newhart show? Well, this clip is not the Bob you remember – he’s a Bob who’s struggling to survive in the age of managed care. Seriously, if you went to therapy with this guy maybe you would get better. As a therapist myself, I don’t think I’m going to be using his technique anytime soon, although there is a good point here, too. Plus, the session’s cheap!

5 thoughts on “Therapists We Love To Hate – Part 1

  1. Oh that is wonderful. And like Karen that is exactly the kind of therapist I would be. My therapist suggested I become one and I told him I didn't have much patience for whining and he said a lot of people need just exactly that – “STOP IT”

  2. Thanks for the comments, everybody. Well, you know, since I am a therapist I have, on rare occasions, uttered these words in a very gentle, therapisty way (of course). But really – this is sometimes the best thing anyone can say to us, isn't it – just STOP IT!!!!

    Glad you enjoyed this – I still just love Bob Newhart!


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