Another Chapter From the Bad Girl

Yes, the Entrecard Police have caught me. I received an ominous warning that my blog had not had enough “quality posts” in the last 90 days. And yep, it’s true. I’ve had a few posts since the beginning of the year, but none for about two months.

Okay, so enough of the mea culpas. Nobody likes to read them. And I’m certainly no fan of writing them, either.

What have I been up to in my absence on the blogosphere? A lot. I was having a difficult time being unemployed and I’m still, technically, unemployed. But really I’m unemployed from my “B” job, not from my passion or Work (with a capital W).

One of my struggles was figuring out the content and balance of my days. So a few weeks ago I did an interesting exercise which I’ll post about shortly. Suffice it to say (see, I’m learning . . . one topic can generate more than ONE blog post), the results were illuminating. And after some teeth gnashing and tears, I had a rather big insight which is now leading to some big changes in my life.

And as to the home front, I’ll also hint at it – the ‘Publican and I are just about ready to act like wild and crazy in love teenagers (which basically we’ve never been able to since we’ve been together five years ago, except on vacations.)

So glad to be back. I’ll send an email to the Entregods and hopefully, they’ll let me back in the pantheon. Fingers crossed, kids.

5 thoughts on “Another Chapter From the Bad Girl

  1. Thanks, Lily and Deb. Nothing that revelatory, except to moi, I suppose. However, it was good to go through it. And I’m glad to be back here amongst friends.Warmly,~Laura

  2. Hello Laura,Thanks for dropping me an Entrecard. Really? Entrecard actually sends out letters to non-posters? I was even thinking of taking a break in the summer–about 3 mos. Well, I hope that you’ll soon find a job. I know that with many people looking for jobs nowadays, it’s tough to find emplyment. Good luck and wishing you all the best.Tasha

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