. . . And We’re Leaving Again . . .

Just when I got back I’m gone again, but this time just for a short vacation. Yes, we’re off (again) to Las Vegas to experience the desert in January. We’re staying at the Excalibur which has to be the cheesiest casino on the strip, but the rooms are mucho cheapo, so we can survive and walk across the street if we need to be anywhere that’s just not quite as cheddar-like.

It is the Excalibur that has recently installed automated poker tables where you sit and play with opponents, but no dealer or real cards, just a video screen for each player and a display for the community cards. It sounds weird to me, but the ‘Publican is game to try his hand in not tipping a dealer.

As to this Delight business, I had one of those days that was getting through a lengthy to-do list (laundry, groceries, pedicure, bank, ordering prescription refills, putting away xmas and putting together a list for the step-spawn in our absence), but I have managed to think about how it would be to live in delight more of the time. I’m not sure, but when the young woman doing my pedicure made a mistake and we had a mini-geyser on our hands (and up my skirt!), I just laughed. What else was there to do? It was only water, after all.

We’ll also be celebrating our wedding anniversary on the 6th and I’m hoping to get to see another of Cirque du Soleil shows, as long as I can get discount tickets. We’ll see on that score – I have to assume LV has their own version of Leicester Square somewhere.

Have a great few days!

4 thoughts on “. . . And We’re Leaving Again . . .

  1. At first, I thought the mini geyser was blood. But that’s what happens to ME at the manicurist, not necessarily YOU. hehe.Thanks for planting the seed of Delight in my brain. That will sprout in 2009, I am sure of it.Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for your fine post. Sometimes we become so involved in the mundane that we need a reminder to live with joy and delight. Thank you.

  3. So how did you do in Vegas?We’re headed there later this month for 3 days but we stay downtown. This will be the first time in Vegas since I quit smoking back in Sept 07.

  4. Thanks – all!Well, I’ll post my post-vegas post very soon (wow…alliteration – woo hoo).Just to be clear – all of the manicure places here in SoCal are owned by Vietnamese immigrant women and they’re smart, you know? They know that we love to be pampered, so they all have these cool chairs with the warm water to put our tootsies AND get a massage at the same time. Usually it’s heaven, not hell, if you know what I mean. Now if blood were spurting around I’d have to stop tipping. Water is okay – blood is NOT. (*smirk*)~Laura

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