The Word for the Year . . .

I’m passing this on from Christine Kane’s blog which is a wonderful self-improvement blog. Like most of you, I’m done with making and breaking resolutions. Whether I changed the name to goals or decisions or whatever, the most real change I’ve made has come when I focused less on the doing of a behavior and more on who I wanted to become. Instead of just repeating what Christine has to say about it, I’m just going to direct you here and here to read for yourself.

Delight. I’ve decided that this word will help me this year. I want to take delight in my life, my work, my family and friends – I also want others to say, she’s delightful (full of delight). To me, being delightful and delighted can lead to more joy and fun in my life.

Let’s face it – there’s enough junk out there to occupy any of us. I’m not immune to this. I’ve had a bad long term relationship with anxiety and have struggled to find ways around feeling anxious and fearful most of my life. I’ve made a lot of decisions motivated by a desire to avoid feeling anxious and scared. And as a result, I’ve often limited my life.

What a difference to be motivated by delight! Whether that means I want to move towards feeling delighted by all aspects of my life, or creating delight for someone else (e.g., pleasing them), it has a lot of implications for me including the truth that I may have to allow myself to feel anxious, scared and worried at times.

So here’s to Delight. Wherever it may be found.

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