Signed, Sealed, Delivered . . . He’s Ours

If there’s one moment from today that I loved, it was seeing now-President Obama placing the step for his youngest daughter to stand on. This showed me the type of father he is that he took the time to help his youngest child be high enough to see her father take the oath, and I hope it bespeaks of the type of leader he will be over the next four years. Not that I think we need a parental leader, per se, but the quality of care this simple gesture showed to me was touching.

I think no matter what your politics are, today was a momentous day for all of us. Have we finally eradicated the historical stench of slavery? I hope so – I sincerely hope so. I know I felt a sense of completion and teared up several times.

Now I don’t think President Obama is some sort of godlike character, but it is true that aspects of his personality and character have allowed us to project our hopes and anxieties onto him. He is a mere mortal and he will make mistakes and errors. No matter what, he will please some people and groups and anger other people and groups. His job is really a no-win proposition and yet I, like all of my fellow countrymen, want him to succeed in his oath, to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”

I’m not one to pray but even for us godless ones, I wish him and his family well – but for our sakes, not his. We desperately need a leader to believe in, to inspire us, to make us want to be better men and women, and yes, better citizens of America and of the world.

Let history say of us, ‘These were golden years – when the American Revolution was reborn, when freedom gained new life, when America reached for her best.

This quote was part of another charismatic president’s inaugural address – Ronald Reagan’s 1985 address. I think it is time for us as a country to ‘reach for our best’ – we deserve nothing less than an American Revolution reborn.

. . . And We’re Leaving Again . . .

Just when I got back I’m gone again, but this time just for a short vacation. Yes, we’re off (again) to Las Vegas to experience the desert in January. We’re staying at the Excalibur which has to be the cheesiest casino on the strip, but the rooms are mucho cheapo, so we can survive and walk across the street if we need to be anywhere that’s just not quite as cheddar-like.

It is the Excalibur that has recently installed automated poker tables where you sit and play with opponents, but no dealer or real cards, just a video screen for each player and a display for the community cards. It sounds weird to me, but the ‘Publican is game to try his hand in not tipping a dealer.

As to this Delight business, I had one of those days that was getting through a lengthy to-do list (laundry, groceries, pedicure, bank, ordering prescription refills, putting away xmas and putting together a list for the step-spawn in our absence), but I have managed to think about how it would be to live in delight more of the time. I’m not sure, but when the young woman doing my pedicure made a mistake and we had a mini-geyser on our hands (and up my skirt!), I just laughed. What else was there to do? It was only water, after all.

We’ll also be celebrating our wedding anniversary on the 6th and I’m hoping to get to see another of Cirque du Soleil shows, as long as I can get discount tickets. We’ll see on that score – I have to assume LV has their own version of Leicester Square somewhere.

Have a great few days!

The Word for the Year . . .

I’m passing this on from Christine Kane’s blog which is a wonderful self-improvement blog. Like most of you, I’m done with making and breaking resolutions. Whether I changed the name to goals or decisions or whatever, the most real change I’ve made has come when I focused less on the doing of a behavior and more on who I wanted to become. Instead of just repeating what Christine has to say about it, I’m just going to direct you here and here to read for yourself.

Delight. I’ve decided that this word will help me this year. I want to take delight in my life, my work, my family and friends – I also want others to say, she’s delightful (full of delight). To me, being delightful and delighted can lead to more joy and fun in my life.

Let’s face it – there’s enough junk out there to occupy any of us. I’m not immune to this. I’ve had a bad long term relationship with anxiety and have struggled to find ways around feeling anxious and fearful most of my life. I’ve made a lot of decisions motivated by a desire to avoid feeling anxious and scared. And as a result, I’ve often limited my life.

What a difference to be motivated by delight! Whether that means I want to move towards feeling delighted by all aspects of my life, or creating delight for someone else (e.g., pleasing them), it has a lot of implications for me including the truth that I may have to allow myself to feel anxious, scared and worried at times.

So here’s to Delight. Wherever it may be found.