A Little Minuet with Satan – Or Welcome to My Brain

To start off with, here are some more unconscious mutterings (#294):

  1. Cut the crap :: cut it out!!!
  2. Scent :: of a woman
  3. Vanishing :: act
  4. Wetness :: stop it with an anti-perspirant
  5. Cheap :: but not inexpensive
  6. Badges :: of glory (or is that blades of glory?)
  7. Puppy :: love (aaahhhhh)
  8. Problem solver :: Geez, I wish I were a . . .
  9. Gambling :: addiction
  10. Sophia :: Loren (who else?)

Those are fun, I must say.

Geez, it’s been an age, eh? I’m just all embarrassed for not writing more often in the last month, but to review:

I was laid off from my b-job where I was working for almost two and a half years. Yes, since the lay-off was in August, I became part of those wonderful national statistics, even though the ‘Publican keeps reminding me that really my situation is different since I was only a temporary employee and this was only supposed to be a two-month job. Basically, I was lucky to hang on as long as I was. Well, yeah . . . except right about now we could continue to use the money that all my luck was bringing in, right? Now is not the best time to be laid off since it turns out that, for once, big corporations are not suing each other with the normal level of vociferousness as is the usual – although I expect that to change eventually given the news of just today. Basically, litigators profit from others’ misery.

Here in California, even though we still have no budget in place and are told we’re basically broke, the unemployment department has allowed an additional 13 weeks of payments to the normal 26 weeks. Of course, the award is pretty sparse compared to what you can make at almost any job. Although, hey, I’m not complaining at receiving my first check today, even though the thought of the check bouncing did cross my mind.

I’ve been trying to stay busy every day with varying success because as we all know . . . “Idle hands are the Devil’s Workshop”. So today I did a lot of knitting, which kept the digits pretty busy, but didn’t bring in any scratch. However, last Friday, I didn’t get out of bed until nearly noon with the excuse that I didn’t feel good – okay, I had a froggy throat thing, but mostly I was just depressed and going through a general “loser” phase, which included lots of whining, moaning and teeth gnashing as requisite sound effects. Had I a hair shirt, I would have been wearing it. Okay, I’m lying (of course. . . come on, you didn’t think I’d really have that big of a pity party, did you?), but you get what I’m talking about. I had a pretty bad day, topped off by scarfing down copious amounts of Round Table pizza and Ben & Jerry’s. I can feel bad about not working AND put on some weight, too! Woo hoo! Now that’s what I call productive depression.

Besides the general lethargy of my b-job’s prospects at the moment, we also have had a few financial surprises this past month, too. First, the ‘Publican needed these super amazing, neato, keeno new glasses to the tune of $800 (man, you could get lasik cheaper than that!). Then one of the cars that is reserved for the spawn needed repairs to the tune of $900 (which is cheap considering they wanted to do repairs for something like $2800 when the car is only worth about $2500…. yeah, right). Both of these were on top of what we paid our financial advisor for you know, financial advice, which seems pretty funny at the moment although I suppose eventually we’ll be real glad we did this, since we aren’t getting any younger, dontcha know.

We’re also having some family issues at Casa Zental Floss which aren’t entirely resolved, although we’re getting close. All I can say right now is that it sucks to be a step-mother and it sucks to be a good father in a newish marriage. I’m worn out. The ‘Publican is stuck in the middle. And it just all sucks.

And lastly, I’ve been deathly afraid to get sucked into the blogosphere – so much so, that I’ve actively avoided it for the past 3-4 weeks. Well, d’oh, you could have figured that one out, since I haven’t posted in a month. Since I’ve emerged somewhat from that productive depression and am dealing with the financial issues attendant to possible long-term unemployment (I still have my business . . . or really expensive hobby, depending on how you view it), I realize my own private Devil’s Workshop of a Brain hasn’t been telling me the absolute truth. The blogosphere isn’t really Hades and I’m not doomed if I spend a moderate amount of time here . . . right?

If not, I’d better get on those dancing lessons. Yep, I’ve been told Satan is rather partial to the foxtrot.

    3 thoughts on “A Little Minuet with Satan – Or Welcome to My Brain

    1. Well, that’s a lot going on in your life. I understand the worries about being sucked into the blogosphere, especially when you have more time than usual on your hands.I hope your employment and family situations settle out as painlessly as possible.

    2. Thanks, Jennifer.Yes, that sound you hear is the sound of my brain being sucked right out of my skull. Employment is pretty dead right now – and at least my unemployment check didn’t bounce – and we have another income, so I think we’ll be okay.Family stuff – to be continued.Warmly,~Laura

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