31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Thats a cute cat. It’s strange what animals will try to get into, my do stole my cats bed at one point. Shes a medium size dog too.

  2. Hi Laura, this is my first visit to your Zental Floss site (via Entrecard). I agree that your posts are long, but your writing style is very personal and I can feel like I know you and what you are experiencing as you write. Very nice work. I am 61 and trying to be a writer/blogger. I write several blogs. I will enter two URL’s here for you to peruse.< HREF="http://dougsmissoulablog.com" REL="nofollow">Doug’s Missoula Blog<>< HREF="http://gruggersway.today.com" REL="nofollow">Retired and Restless<>

  3. Oh, Buster, you are adorable! One of our cats, also very big (and cuddly) loves to stuff herself into any little box or basket she sees. We have a photo of her squashed into the sink (not a large sink either).I like your blog very much and love the name!

  4. Hi. I found your blog trough Entrecard. I love cats, I used to have one just like yours in the picture, but not so heavy, lol. We called him Pitรกgoras, and he was very smart, I miss him and when I saw your picture I remebered him rightaway.Regards.

  5. He’s so cute! I had a small cat and a very large cat and I bought them a small and a large cat bed. Of course the large cat would stuff himself into the small bed and my small cat would get all huffy because she had to be in the big bed.

  6. That is so cute and looks like my sweet Stella (a.k.a. “piggy”) – she still stuffs herself into the bed we got her when she was a kitten – her arms and legs extend way beyond her bed! I’ll have to get a picture and show you!Cheers,Deb

  7. I love your blog and present you with the prestigious “I love your blog” award. You can see the previous presenter along with my entries for the award. Much continued success with your blog.Blessings!

  8. Thanks, all! My poor buster – his muffin is tops, apparently.He’s truly a “dog cat” in the best sense of the term – he’s warm and affectionate and persistently himself. When I saw him, I knew I had to have him!So glad you all enjoyed this rather lousy photo of our BIG BOY – or as the ‘Publican calls him “Two Tons of Quivering Catflesh”. Fondly and warmly and gratefully –~Laura

  9. aw, don’t I know that feeling-trying to squeeze into skinny jeans, getting into them and realizing that my muffin-top is spilling over. I have been fond of dresses as of late.

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