Mediate on this Monday – Unconscious Mutterings #285

So a rather fun little weekly game is played over at Luna Nina called as the title says, “Unconscious Mutterings.” No, I don’t think these are the kind that would suggest calling the authorities.

Here’s my list for this week. I realize in a couple of cases, that the word triggered a song – one, “My boyfriend’s Back” and the other “This Masquerade”. I honestly couldn’t tell you much about either song except I’ve heard them over and over and now they reside somewhere in my memory. Who sang these songs? No clue – I’m lousy at the details.

By the way, thousand brought up a city here in Southern California – I suspect only us Californians would come up with this one, but it really was the first thing that popped into my pea brain.

I almost hate to post these, but if you liked this, go over to the Luna Nina site and pick an archived one or put yourself on her reminder list to get these in the future. She does them weekly.

  1. Intimated :: whispered
  2. Brush :: hair
  3. Masquerade :: love and this lonely game we play
  4. Procedure :: medical
  5. Tattoos :: ink
  6. Square :: pegs
  7. Tuck :: in (your shirt!)
  8. Boyfriend :: my boyfriend’s back
  9. Badass :: motherf*cker
  10. Thousand :: Oaks, California

2 thoughts on “Mediate on this Monday – Unconscious Mutterings #285

  1. Being in Los Angeles, I’m not sure if I would have said “Island” or “Oaks”. Now I’ll be wondering all night. 🙂

  2. Hi Bradley: Love your blog, by the way. Yes, I guess the point for BOTH of us is that thousand didn’t trigger “dollars” (which I could use more than oaks or islands).Have a great day!Warmly,~Laura

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