Meditate on this Monday – Something Fun to Start With

Hi everybody:

I swear I am so addicted to Entrecard that their “little” outage over the weekend really threw me for a loop – what was I to do? So I’m way behind already and it’s only June 2. However, in the interim I started getting caught up on some chores I’d been putting to the side – basically, it turns out I’d rather drop cards than organize my financial data. I know you can’t understand that.

Oh and hey – you know that Universal Studios here had a “little” fire over the weekend, too – are these events connected? I have to wonder. After all, if the terrorists are going to attack what we Americans hold dear, you know they’re coming after our entertainment AND servers.

So here I am – I got tagged by my friend Debra over at Mama Flo’s and it’s a fun little thing – just do the substitutions and you can find out what your name in Japanese is.

So my “real” name in Japanese is Takadoshika (coool!) and my blog name is Zikutochikata Lutamoari (I don’t think they have repeating consonants so I dropped the last S or “ari” in the second name)

This was fun – thanks for the tag, Mama Flo!

Signing out –


5 thoughts on “Meditate on this Monday – Something Fun to Start With

  1. You’re close…the fire was in Dallas TX at a big, huge data farm. Something exploded and blew out a wall. Yikes! I know that down time caused parts of the Internet to be out in the midwest… No fun at all.Theresa

  2. @laura – YAY! I love my name, don’t you????@theresa – yikes is right. How can these happen???? But at least I was right about Universal Studios… I do know my LA geography…

  3. *GIGGLE* Those wacky terrorists. They HAD to go after Entrecard didn’t they? lol I don’t know what I did before EC…except miss out on TONS of great blogs like yours. =)Thanks for visiting me at Home Zookeeper. šŸ™‚

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