OKay, Not a REAL Post… Just a Note

Hi Everybody:

I haven’t quite gotten it together enough (or at all. . . sheesh!) to move the blog over to its own domain so I’m sticking with blogger for now since (a) it’s free; and (b) it’s for dopey gals like me who don’t know their HTML from their *SS (okay, you know I would normally say ASS but in this case, CSS is probably more appropriate).

However, I got one of the step-spawn in the house – the one with photoshop experience – to make a banner and an avatar. It’s a bit wild, but I like them. An d today I changed the post background color to make them a bit more readable and so my signature would show up better (see . . . it really is all about me!).

So hopefully you all will like these little changes. Eventually, I’ll get my ASS (not CSS) over to a domain; I see that blogs that are on their own (sortof) have all sorts of cool thingys that blogger just doesn’t have or do. But for today I’m fine where I am.

7 thoughts on “OKay, Not a REAL Post… Just a Note

  1. Thanks for the drops on my blog iPentimento! I know what you mean about going to another blog service. You have to have all your ducks in a row before you can migrate. 🙂

  2. Yep – you’re right! And my ducks are scattered all over the lawn! (*lol*) But I will say this – I am learning. Everytime I do something, there’s another little learning moment for moi.Hope you enjoy your time here, Carol – I love geneaology, so I’m enjoying your blog, too.~Laura

  3. I love smart women!!Bravo Laura, BRAVO for you!!I wish computers had been mainstream when I was young cause I would have loved all this but there is so much and I have no idea where to start.

  4. Hey – thanks for adding me as a friend on BlogCatalog, and…like you, I’m sticking with blogger for now. I even own a couple of domains but I dread all the stuff I have to go through to make the change – will my RSS feed change? blah de blah. Anyway – I look forward to reading your blog!

  5. Hi, you’re advertising on my blog today through entrecard. Just dropping by to say thanks. Also, I can totally relate to your HTML and CSS battles. I found a very helpful site that shows how to do all sorts of cool things with a ‘blogger’ blog. It’s http://bloggerbuster.com . I used several tips for my newest blog and can’t wait to try more. Good luck! Vivienne

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