Thank God for Tuesday!

I guess the sub-title to this post is – what a difference a couple of days make. If you read my last post you might think I was either feeling awfully sorry for myself, or I have a potential mess on my hands. . . or both. And it is what I felt. In fact, Monday (yesterday) wasn’t a whole lot better — at least I was able to cry over it. And although most of us would say that crying isn’t so great, for me it’s a step up from feeling numb.

It is, however, barely Tuesday and for some reason, I feel better. The issue with my son isn’t all resolved and it may not be anytime soon or ever. I don’t have control over him or his life.

Last night I was starting the “feeling better” process. I don’t know why but when I hear certain music I can’t help but tap my toes and swing my bountiful hips and, god help me, I just gotta dance! Which is what I did while cutting a bell pepper and zucchini for my bastardized jambalaya Monday evening.

Then the ‘Publican and I watched the ending episode of “The Bachelor – London Calling.” We’d caught a couple of earlier episodes which were a hoot; neither of us was particularly surprised that Matt (the Brit) picked Lorenzo Lamas’ 22-year-old high-FQ daughter, Shane. Or as he called her, “Monkey.” Awwwwwww. True Love. However, as the ‘Publican observed, “It’s not as good as ‘Farmer Needs a Wife,’ ” – yeah, “The Bachelor” doesn’t have pigs! Or bingo at the VFW hall. Sho ’nuff.

So I say – Thank the goddess for Tuesday – and for another day. There’s always crap going on in the world – I watch the 11 p.m. news, too. Some is horribly tragic, and some is just ridiculous. Yet, even with all the garbage going on out in the world and in my own family, I am still able to laugh and enjoy what I can.

The wonderful knitting diva Elizabeth Zimmerman used to end her correspondence with the following which I will repeat (but hey, I’ve given proper attribution!) – “Onward!” Indeed.

2 thoughts on “Thank God for Tuesday!

  1. This is off topic and I’m sorry, don’t mean to hijack your post but I wanted to respond to the comment you left on my blog about cruising.I’d love to see Alaska but my DH isn’t all that wild about it (doesn’t like the cold). I’d go in a flash if I didn’t have to go while the kids were still on summer vacation. We have a 10 night Ultimate Caribbean booked for late fall/early winter on Celebrity but in the last few days I’ve thought about a Panama Canal with HAL in October (15 nights).We use these cruises to meditate and reconnect in a way that only the sea can facilitate.Maybe we can meet up on a cruise one of these days.And on yet another note – you really have a beautiful writing hand. I can loose myself in your words.I’m so glad we’re in touch.Debbie

  2. Debbie:Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m “learning” to write with my own authentic voice – and it isn’t easy!…I get what you’re saying about cruising, too. I think we’ll be doing much more of it in the future, so you never know… *smile*I think the Panama Canal would be really interesting, too – ! If you don’t do it this year, keep me in mind for the future.Take care – and keep in touch!Zental Floss – Laura

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