S.O. Sunday – But it’s Dirty on MY Side of the Street!

Okay – this is a picture of one happy homemaker. And I’m telling you – that’s NOT the ‘Publican in drag. But dig the curlers in his (or is it her?) hair!

I’m following up on my post last week of keeping one’s side of the street to oneself. Uhmmm… that “one” I’m referring to would be me, of course. Since this is all about me, me, me. (Oh, and by the bye. . . I just learned that’s the definition in blogoland of a meme is – “it’s all about me and again . . . not you, but me!” I had to ask the spawn about this, and he gave me a long definition of a meme as a thought that has a viral quality and then he used a lot of big words, but you get the picture. I think the blogoland version is easier to remember.)

So back on topic. When we began shacking up (for you Dr. Laura fans) before we were married, we tried to just kindof do chores around the house in a haphazard manner without any assignment. Now you know that didn’t work. Couldn’t work. Turns out the ‘Publican has a strong domestic streak running in his red-state blood and I ended up feeling like I was competing for the “Comet Queen” crown. If I could only have snatched it from him when he was most vulnerable. Rats!

So to stop him from basically doing all my chores as well as working more than full time and then complaining about his dishpan hands, I had one of those talks with him about assigning certain duties to each of us. And that actually HAS worked well.

So here’s our division – I do the laundry, but being the basically lazy slug that I am (no, I’m relaxed . . . that’s it), I do it every other week which is workable as both of us have tons of undies. He does most or all of the dusting and vacuuming and other floor care on the hardwood and travertine floors (he was so thrilled when he got this funky steamer thing that he could use on the travertine – most guys are thrilled at NASCAR tickets, but my man wants a steamer – go figure). Okay, I know what he’s going to say, “No Laura – I want NASCAR tickets AND the steamer” and to that I say, “Just like a man to want it all!”

I do the finances which means I carry the checkbook and do the quicken updates – and which also means, of course, that I have all the power (ha!). He cleans the bathrooms. I do the grocery shopping and he occasionally helps me at Costco. We both cook and our deal is whoever cooks does the clean-up unless the other whines and then we split cooking and cleaning up. And generally we both do kitchen clean-up, although we have to sometimes bid on ugly jobs like cleaning out the fridge or pantry. I won’t tell you what we bid on, but let’s just say it involves the naughty bits which is generally a pretty reliable way to get someone to do an ugly job.

Although the system has its glitches when things just don’t get done or we have to do a big clean because we have company coming, I’m still pretty impressed that we rarely have turf wars over these matters, even if we don’t exactly think the other is doing the very best job. That’s the unspoken rule here – no carping. And in the area of finances, anything of import has to be discussed since it would usually involve both of us signing things. Hey, I’m not allowed to just hang out in poker rooms, gambling away our retirement funds! That is, after all, OUR nest egg and yes, I’m familiar with the concept of the nest egg.*

Have a spic ‘n span Significant Other Sunday, everybody!

The Comet Queen herself

*Yes, those of you smarty pants out there recognize this as a pivotal part of the fun in Albert Brooks’ 1985 film, Lost in America.

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