Memo to the California Republican Party…

So I think I gave at the office. Really. I mean, look… I married Republicans not once, but twice. I’ve done my part. So quit sending those flyers in the mail, enticing me to some sort of soiree with merlot or pinot or budweiser at some lovely home up in the hills where all the RICH Republicans live – all in an effort to get into our checkbooks for more of our money. If I have to hear one more time from the spousal unit that Arnold wants me to join him in defeating the evil Democrats, I’m gonna puke.

But in honor of the Republican Party, I hereby dub my husband “The ‘Publican,” which he will henceforth be known instead of dear husband, DH, my husband, my hubby, the spousal unit, or just ‘he who must be mocked’ (of course I retain my title of ‘she who must be obeyed’).

I know you understand. And in the spirit of such understanding, I give you the following:

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. ‘Publican
aka “The Independent”

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