A Love Letter to a Cuppa Joe

Coffee Love (FI-20473)
Originally uploaded by javaturtle

Oh my dear –

I’m hardly the first to extol your virtues like how you wake me in the morning and allow me to have the break I crave in the afternoon. How you are the cheapest thrill I ever get, aside from sex and laughter, and how you ask nothing of me except that I enjoy you thoroughly.

Joe, I wonder if you love me like I love you, or is this one of those one-sided relationships composed of longing and sidelong glances? Well, at least one recent study supports that you probably at least like me – after all, researchers have found that coffee keeps the blood-brain barrier stronger in mice, lessening a risk factor in developing Alzheimer’s disease. Seriously, if this is true for us people, too, I’m going to be putting you in my veins directly.

And because of you, Joe, I’ve been able to hang out in my local coffeehouse for hours on end, reading or writing or doing a bit of both. You’ve contributed to my productivity and creativity. Some of my best thoughts have been fueled by you, and I guess some of my worst ones, too. But who needs sleep anyway? What can I say? I love you!

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