In Which Our Heroine Has Her Mindful Moment – Or What This Blog Is About

I was flossing my teeth around a week ago – digging into my gums with the mint-flavored glide floss, going as fast as possible, walking from my bathroom to the bedroom where Red Eye was on the tube, just to get the chore over with. It’s one of the last things I do before I get into bed.

So I stopped – in mid-floss. I closed my eyes and slowed way down. I lessened my grip on the floss and allowed it to glide more and dig less into my gum tissue. I did just as good a job, but with a sense of what I was doing. In a word, I experienced mindfulness.

In Zen buddhism, mindfulness comes not just through the traditional doors of mediation, chanting or prayer, but can be experienced in more prosaic ways and places – including when driving or at work, doing the dishes or eating a meal, or even doing the most prosaic of things, flossing.

So that’s the theme of this blog. It’s a personal theme, but maybe one we all can share – the quest for meaning in life. I’m sure of only one thing – I don’t know how this will all turn out. But I’m here for the ride. And yes, I’m paying attention.

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